Comprehensive Training Packages

Allmode offers a comprehensive range of training packages that can be delivered globally, using expertise and skills honed over many years of operations worldwide. All of our training is designed for specific client needs, so we have developed a wide range of solutions, from accredited to bespoke training. Training can be tailored to suit our client’s timeframes and locations.

Examples include:

  • Medical training
  • STCW 95 proficiency in designated security duties (PDSD)
  • Corporate training in security awareness
  • Family training in security awareness
  • Travel security training courses
  • Technical surveillance countermeasure training courses (TSCM)
  • One off training courses for clients’ specific needs
  • Cyber security training course
  • Hostile Environment training courses
  • Staff & crew restraint training course
  • Gap year training in security awareness
  • Mini ROV supply & training for subsea surveys & security sweeps
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