Technical and Operational Security Consultancy

We provide technical and operational security consultancy during a refit or the build planning and design phase of new vessels, marinas, resorts and private residences. We have expertise in the technical capabilities, design and installation of bespoke security systems, policy, procedure and training.  After an initial briefing from key stakeholders within the design team, we work closely with the construction and procurement team to provide an overview of the security and support options available. We ensure that regulatory requirements and safety standards in construction, equipment and operation are met whilst ensuring a holistic solution is maintained.

  • Environmental Design – Allmode will survey your current infrastructure and advise on any gaps in the design that could be vulnerable to a malevolent attack or breach.
  • Mechanical Measures – Evaluating the design of the existing physical security measures and the procurement of new measures that could be commensurate to the threat.
  • People – Employees of any enterprise must be fully engaged and committed to any security programme in place. Strong leadership and the use of the focal point services (FP) would be developed and then supported.
  • Procedural Security – Some enterprises pay lip service to this, believing that any adaption to procedures could have an effect on the overall business strategy. Procedural governance for corporate security could be carried out by Allmode, ranging from basic assignment instructions and standard operating procedures (SOP’s) for their in house security team to executive journey management and micro political risk analysis for any location that they wish to travel to:
  • Marinas
  • Super and mega yachts
  • Resorts
  • Family residences
  • Corporate offices
Risk Management

By combining with Cyborg-Security Groups’ local knowledge and expertise, Allmode is able to offer a comprehensive range of integrated services. We enable our clients to operate safely and efficiently in some of the world’s most difficult markets. Our senior consultants average over 20 years’ experience in their core disciplines. These range from enterprise risk management solutions, physical security solutions, crisis management, emergency response and training services.

  • Understanding: Working proactively with each client to fully understand their unique strategic and operational risks, requirements and constraints of the task.
  • Planning: Providing bespoke plans to assist in dealing with both immediate and long-term operational issues.
  • Delivering: Clear, effective and workable solutions, seeking to remove avoidable complexities, and operate with the lightest footprint possible.
  • Evaluating: Constantly monitoring any evolving threats and the level of risk mitigation required to overcome current threats, always adapting and refining at all levels.
  • Partnership: Our aim is always to reach a long-term relationship with our client to deliver the most effective fluid and operational solutions possible.
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