Fresh insights from the recent Dubai International Boat Show reveal a notable trend in the yachting world with yacht owners and captains exhibiting an increasing preference for alternative routes amidst security concerns in the Southern Red Sea.

In conversations with industry colleagues, owners, and captains, it’s evident that safety is paramount when charting alternative courses. Many are opting for longer, yet safer journeys, circumnavigating the Horn of Africa from the Mediterranean en route to Dubai. This strategic shift underscores the importance of prioritising security and peace of mind, even if it means taking the scenic route.

At Allmode, we’ve been proactive in addressing these evolving dynamics. From meticulous route planning to comprehensive risk assessments, we’ve been at the forefront of guiding our clients towards safer passages and unforgettable experiences. Our wealth of resources, reports, and expertise ensure that every voyage is meticulously planned and executed with precision.

While the journey may be longer, the rewards are immeasurable. From the Mediterranean’s waters, the majestic vistas of the Horn of Africa, and destinations along the way, to the vibrant allure of Dubai beckon adventurers with promises of unforgettable experiences and newfound discoveries.

Join us as we embrace alternative routes and chart a course towards safer horizons.   If you would like further information on an alternative from the Suez and Red Sea please contact us at

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