The recent news of the vandalism of Superyacht Kaos in Ibiza comes as a stark reminder that we need to be prepared for every eventuality when it comes to security for our prized possessions. 

In an effort to cover all aspects Allmode offers specialist crew support in the form of DYSO, our yacht DYSO teams have been specially trained to operate aboard your yachts and through extensive experience understand the intricacies of being aboard high-profile vessels. The critical benefits of having Allmode’s DYSO aboard during your busy season gives you additional specialist security trained staff to support your guest trips, allowing the crew to focus on their everyday tasks.

* Your own highly trained and experienced yacht security and personal close protection team.

* Expert knowledge and experience mean that the DYSO’s are well placed to provide the support and advice of areas visiting ensuring lifestyle risk management

* Our DYSO can assist the crew and carry out standalone vessel search services, for contraband, stowaways, improvised explosive devices, etc giving the Captain and crew the peace of mind that a comprehensive search has been carried out prior to departure/whilst in port.

* Allmode DYSO are experts in carrying out reconnaissance of security of venues, restaurants and other places to be visited prior to arrival and compile written reports to assist the Captain in compiling risk assessments

* Our DYSO can carry out passerelle duties whilst in port/marina to control access/egress and logging, searching of all visitors to the yacht, including escorting visitors and logging luggage embarking/disembarking to ensure no bags are left behind by visitors. This is very useful when having an onboard event, as it allows security protocols to be implemented and allows the crew to attend to the guests.

* Whilst at anchor our operators can carry out seaborne interdiction of small boats approaching the yacht, to ensure that they do not get near to the vessel under any circumstances, which ensures a physical guard zone around the yacht and to search oncoming stores in the agent boats prior to them arriving at the transom.

* DYSO services are tailored to meet individual client requirements so that we maintain close relationships throughout the life of the project

We provide supplementary services understanding the modern-day risks facing yachts and their clients and we aim to provide a personalised capability that mitigates risk, giving a secure and non-intrusive, safe environment for clients to conduct their business and personal lives.