The Importance of Port and Marina Recce for Superyachts: Enhancing Security, Ensuring Medical Support, Assessing Facilities, and Conducting Due Diligence


For superyachts embarking on a voyage to new ports and marinas, conducting a thorough forward reconnaissance prior to the yacht arrival, commonly known as a “Recce,” is vital. The process involves gathering valuable information about the destination, including area specific security and crime reports, security measures, medical facilities, available amenities, and performing due diligence on local agents and guest locations and restaurants. By conducting meticulous recce operations, superyacht captains and crew can proactively address potential challenges, enhance guest experiences, and ensure the safety and security of all onboard.

Ensuring Security:

Security is of paramount importance for superyachts, and conducting a Recce allows for an in-depth assessment of the safety measures in place at each port or marina. By examining the local security infrastructure, including surveillance systems, perimeter protection, and on-site personnel, captains can determine the level of security provided and make informed decisions about the safety of their vessel and guests. This knowledge empowers the crew to take appropriate measures to safeguard against potential threats.

Accessing Medical Facilities:

In the event of a medical emergency, having immediate access to quality medical facilities becomes crucial. By conducting a recce, the superyacht crew can identify nearby hospitals, clinics, and medical centers equipped to handle emergencies. This knowledge enables captains to make informed decisions regarding emergency response protocols and communicate effectively with medical professionals in case of an unforeseen situation. A comprehensive understanding of local medical resources minimizes response times and ensures the best possible care for guests and crew.

Assessing Facilities:

Superyacht guests expect a luxurious and comfortable experience, and conducting a recce allows the crew to assess the available facilities at each port or marina. This includes evaluating the quality of berthing facilities, availability of essential utilities like power and water, and amenities such as restaurants, provisioning services, and recreational activities and assess routes to and from locations. By gathering this information in advance, the crew can plan itineraries, coordinate guest activities, and ensure that the vessel is well-suited to meet the expectations of the guests.

Due Diligence on Agents and Guest Locations:

Working with local agents is common practice for superyachts visiting new destinations. A recce provides an opportunity to assess the reliability and reputation of potential agents and establish crucial lines of communication. It enables the crew to evaluate the agent’s proficiency in handling customs and immigration formalities, provisioning services, and any other logistical requirements. Additionally, by surveying guest locations such as exclusive resorts, private islands, restaurants or cultural landmarks, the crew can plan personalized experiences and create memorable moments for the guests.

Route Reconnaissance:

All routes to and from locations such as restaurants and medical facilities etc, can be reconnoitred to ensure that the vessel knows what route and how long the journey will take, and ensures it does approach any high risk areas or bottlenecks leading to traffic jams, and if assistance is needed you can pinpoint the road being used and send out a recovery party. This will also include alternative safe routes if route has been closed due to accident etc. As part of security routes identified can be changed on a daily basis which eliminates setting routines, if hostile surveillance is being carried out on the client.


Conducting port, marina and area recce operations is an indispensable part of the pre-arrival preparations for superyachts.  By investing time and effort in gathering information related to security, medical facilities, available amenities and due diligence on agents and guest locations, superyacht captains and crews can enhance the overall guest experience, ensure the safety and security of all onboard and minimize potential risks or challenges. A thorough recce empowers the crew to make informed decisions, adapt to local conditions, and provide an unforgettable journey for their esteemed guests.

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