As a yacht owner, you know that the safety of your guests and crew is of the utmost importance. One area where safety can be compromised is during tender operations. Tender helming is an essential aspect of yacht operations, and proper training for yacht crew is crucial. Here are some reasons why:


The safety of your guests and crew is the most important consideration when operating tenders. Tenders are often used to transport guests to and from the yacht, can be used for water sports and other activities. Proper training ensures that the crew operating the tenders are aware of the potential risks and are able to avoid accidents.

Efficient Operations:

Yacht tenders are often used to ferry guests and crew to and from the yacht. If the crew operating the tenders are not properly trained, operations can become inefficient and time-consuming. Proper training can help streamline tender operations and ensure that guests are transported safely and efficiently.

Compliance with Regulations:

Many countries have regulations that require tender operators to hold a license or certification. Proper training ensures that the crew are compliant with these regulations, avoiding potential fines or legal issues.

Protection of Assets:

Yacht tenders are expensive assets that need to be protected. Improper operation of tenders can result in damage to the tender or other property, resulting in costly repairs. Proper training can help prevent accidents and ensure the proper care and maintenance of the tenders.


As a yacht owner, you want to provide the highest level of service to your guests. Properly trained crew can provide a more professional and polished experience, which can help enhance the reputation of your yacht and attract more clients.

In conclusion, proper tender coxswain training is crucial for yacht crew. It ensures the safety of your guests and crew, streamlines operations, ensures compliance with regulations, protects your assets and enhances the professionalism of your yacht. As a yacht owner, investing in proper training for your crew is an investment in the safety, efficiency and reputation of your yacht.

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