Eavesdropping can be a concern for everyone from ultra high networth individuals and  celebrities to Chief Executives and businesses.   As the world moves into a more technical way of working it is inevitable that the amount of eavesdropping incidents will increase rapidly. How would you or your business be affected by an eavesdropping attack?

It is vital to be proactive in preventing an attack.

TSCM has, for a long time, been a major part of asset protection however in the modern world we are living in it is becoming an essential part of every day life in protecting our assets and privacy.

Technical surveillance may result in a breach of privacy, data theft, and threats to personal safety.  Technical Surveillance Countermeasure services can help protect you and your assets.

A Technical Surveillance Countermeasure (TSCM), also known as a “bug” sweep or electronic surveillance sweep, is a highly-specialised service which detects the presence of eavesdropping devices such as hidden microphones or “bugs.” The objective of a TSCM is to establish existing security breaches/potential weaknesses in technical and communications security and to recommend corrective action to neutralise the risks.

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