Most yachts and yachting organisations look at physical security and security training as a financial burden and a drain on valuable time.  Physical security is one of the most overlooked elements of a yacht’s overall management because of the issues that it encompasses, and the fact that the threats, practices and protection systems available are different for practically every type of vessel”.

It is a misconception that security and training can be very expensive for a perceived limited gain, but the savvy will look at the prospective and positive benefits to their operations and overall development such as:

•             Protecting owners, guests and employees

•             Giving brand (owners’ and yachts’ reputation) protection

•             Increasing awareness

•             Protecting the yacht

•             Protection of assets

•             Staying safe ashore

•             Retaining operational capability

With crime levels against yacht crews rising around the Globe, the issue of security is no longer limited to areas previously recognised as high risk.  It is clearly evident that cyber-attacks, eavesdropping, drink spiking, theft, targeted robbery, violent attacks and rape are on the up!

What must be recognised by Captains and owners alike, is that security training can be of great value to crew and a yachts’ daily operations.  Although crew can be well travelled and street wise, the basics of personal security and overall security awareness are often forgotten or overlooked.

Allmode offers bespoke training courses to meet the client’s needs and can be delivered globally.

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