Earlier this year a team of international experts wrote a paper highlighting science’s long bias against the theory of airborne disease and the fact that there is clear evidence supporting the fact that the use of air purification systems can irradicate viral and bacterial threats.
“Droplets and surfaces are very convenient for people in power – all of the responsibility is on the individual,” he said. “On the other hand, if you admit it is airborne, institutions, governments and companies have to do something.” Professor Jose-Luis Jimenez, lead author of the paper and a chemistry professor at the University of Colorado
“Fresh, clean or sterilised air is extremely good at reducing transmission and works on any variant, and other airborne infectious diseases too. It’s a good long-term investment, and it’s also very doable.” Dr Adam Squires, a biophysical chemist at Bath University

The medical and procurement teams at Allmode recognized this and offer a range of Air Purification systems which effectively address these threats as part of a qualified and managed solution to the menace of Covid and other viral and bacterial risks.

Ranging from the highly portable briefcase Yanex-5 pulsed UV system, to the MEDI range which combines advanced HEPA filtration and UVC sterilization technology backed up by extraordinary results in Covid ICU wards, to a selection of other leading edge technologies aimed at purifying our air.

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