Planning for a yacht and its area of operations is always key and generally very well managed, however from our experience the main procedure that is usually overlooked is the planning, medical and security assessment prior to the passage. Global  threats are constantly changing and evolving so keeping up your situational awareness is key to a safe passage and stay.

Prior to any voyage, passage planning is a procedure to develop a complete description of a yacht’s voyage from start to finish but sometimes overlooked is local medical and security information on the chosen ports. By gleaning medical and security information about the area you are going to visit this will not only heighten your crew’s awareness but also safeguard your operational capability. No Master wants to have to deal with the aftermath of welfare issues that may ensue post incident but things do happen and can be prevented or at least mitigated with the appropriate training, equipment and procedures.

Use your time wisely and plan ahead for a busy and successful 2022 by speaking with a member of our team and achieve a level of future-proofing.