By utilising Allmode mini ROVs they offer an easy, fast and effective way to perform hull inspections, dock/ marina inspections and virtually any task that requires immediate eyes under the water to ensure yacht security and safety.

Most customers are new to current ROV marine technology, as previously they have been a high cost and had to have highly trained operators. Today’s allows a  low cost, reduced weight and portable unit, and requires a minimum number of people to train an operate. Allmode ROVs are affordable, portable , reliable, and manoeuvrable making them a must have tool in the maritime security arsenal.

Initial hands-on training for ROVs can be as short as several hours. Typically ROVs can be operated by one or two persons and require minimal set-up. Unlike larger ROV counterparts, launch and recovery support of mini ROVs is minimal. They can be deployed from a small boat or over the side of  the swim platform or a pier. Initial capability will evolve and grow as users gain better understanding of their own requirements and where ROVs are most effective in their operations.